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is an installation that we realized in different venues. It plays with our perception of time and space. An endless string is spanned on several pulleys across the architecture of the respective building.

A small part of the rope is white, the rest of it is black. One motor keeps the string in constant movement, causing the white part of the string to continuously cross the room like a ray of light.

The length of the white part is exactly one second. While passing through long distances as a straight line, the second appears to be slow and content. Other passages require quick shifts of direction and the perception changes to fast and sudden movements.


Asche zu Farbgut festival

The first setup was in a former gasometer in Augsburg during the media art festival Asche zu Farbgut.







For the art and technology festival retune, we installed a version of timeline in the event venue, a former crematorium. This version of timeline consisted of two loops spanned across the architecture. One blue and one red second traveled above the heads of the audience. The different length of the loops caused the seconds to interact in ever different places of the room while manifesting temporary sculptures.



timeline can be easily and swiftly installed at various locations.
Contact us if you are interested in enriching your place with a discourse about time and space.

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