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rlon services

we apply our thinking and doing to support venues and ventures in creating inspiring experiences


Our commissioned works benefit from the art projects we are doing, as they are a rich source of inspiration and add the missing spark when it comes to projects that aim to stand out.

The things we are especially good at:


light installations
& custom lamps

Light is our darling, as it is probably the most profound material to work with. The solutions we create span from bespoke lamps, interactive light objects to room-defining light art installations.

Our custom light system syntax allows us to come up with arrangements that integrate seamlessly yet ornamenting in all kind of venues.

kinetic art installations

Kinetic art installations are our passion. Here we bring together our expertise from crafts, scenography, electronics and engineering.

Kinetic means moving. Driven by physical forces, our installations are unfolding mechanic movements or scientific phenomena, to tell the story of a brand or a venue in a different way.

product & industrial design

The creative and technical development of products is our speciality. We master all steps of a product development from ideation, research, construction of prototypes, CAD modeling up to serial production.

Our partner network of craftsmen, engineers and production facilities allows us to use different manufacturing processes in order to create functional aesthetic products with that certain RLON factor.

creative consulting

Before we founded RLON we worked as designers and professionals in the fields of service design, industrial design and media production. We still speak that language, although we learned new forms of expression.

If you are looking for new perspectives on your creative challenges, pick our minds and see if it resonates.

Some projects we’ve recently been working on:


project flow

this is how we typically approach creative challenges



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