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a kinetic installation telling the story of oneness

There is a story that has been told throughout human history about the interconnectedness of all there is. Many of us know this experience. We glimpse past - into the connected nature of reality.

Yet often such experiences remain abstract. Remain unreal to us.

Without models to describe these experiences, our rational minds have trouble accepting them as actual reality. Without a conceptual framework, a model, there is no way for us to make reasonable sense of them.

How then can we make such insights understandable to our thinking minds? How do we align the findings of modern science and ancient wisdom?

Providing a canvas for our mind to project ideas on to, the kinetic installation Samsara is a physical manifestation of the otherwise immaterial.




The kinetic installation's 252 white triangles are driven by a singular energy force, the rotating black disc in the center.

Three sliders running in the three intersecting rings of the disc transmit the circular movement of the energy source. The energy is then passed on from triangle to triangle - resulting in a mesmerising choreography of all the parts.




The aesthetics of sacred geometry resonate with our deepest understanding of the universal principle of oneness. The mechanical movement creates an immersive experience, triggering intuitive access to the truth within.

We believe that the inspiration to trust in new perspectives can be achieved through the means of art and beauty.



impressions from the assembling process


The mechanical principle of Samsara can be scaled to any size

and adapted to other materials, patterns and movements.

Get in touch if you want to know more.


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