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a breathing mirror


Our mirror image has always been an important element of our self-discovery. Even before artificial mirrors existed, we humans used reflective surfaces to get a glimpse of our visual appearance. How do we look from the outside? How do others see us?

Mirrors have a magical attraction. Similar to a portal, they allow us to jump into another perspective. With a mirror, we jump from the inside to the outside. It is precisely this outside that has become so important to us and that likes to play tricks on us when it comes to the question of who we are.

The Sanskrit word 'pranayama' means in yogic practice as much as the conscious regulation of breathing.
Our idea of pranayama as an object, is to bring attention to the described change of perspective. In the frequency of a calm breathing rhythm the surface of the object changes from mirroring to not mirroring.

The viewer sees his mirror image come and go. One breathes from the inside out to the outside and back into the inside.



The pictures show pranayama in the outstanding canteen and bar Baldon.

Located in the brutalistic concrete building ‘Lobeblock’ – designed by Arno Brandlhuber – the Baldon is a meeting place for curious minds in Berlin Wedding.



pranayama is available in different forms and sizes.

Get in touch if you want to enrich your space with this artifact.

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