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liquid prism

is a commissioned installation for Berlin’s exquisit bar Herr Lindemann, which specializes in drinks on the base of herbs and healing plants.

With this ambient installation, we wanted to visually reveal and worship the hidden spirits of these fluids. The result is a modest apparatus on top of the bar, kind of an altar upon which liquid offerings and sacrifices can be made.



an altar for liquid offerings




A concrete bowl is mounted on a copper base and slowly tilted by a motor. In the bowl sits a concave mirror which is lit by a small spot light. The actual piece is happening in the reflection on the wall as a moving light picture. Just as he does for the drinks, the bartender can infuse liquids on the mirror and thereby tweak the composition of the projection.


 liquid prism can be adapted and scaled to many places.
Please get in touch if you want to bring fresh lighting to your space.

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