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studio rlon

We work with the tools of design and the soul of art.


we are curious


We founded RLON because we believe that there are infinite ways to unfold and experience the beauty of this world. Inspired by art, science and metaphysics, we strive to narrate stories that emphasize what it means to be human.


trigger awareness and reward curiosity


Our form of expression is the creation of objects and installations that address the richness of your senses and intellect. We do that with the tools of design and soul of art, by playfully combining the joy of experimenting with professional craftsmanship.


Before we embarked on our journey with RLON, we worked as designers and professionals in the fields of service design, industrial design and media production. We worked for big names, small names. We learned a lot. Also that we have a different way to perceive and express things.


shape models of reality


We acknowledge the power of design to shape our understanding of this world. The way we perceive and interact with our surroundings, defines our values and attitudes. For this reason we see design in the responsibility to tell stories that lead to positive thoughts, meaningful actions and joint realities.

Copy of Josua Putzke

Joshua Putzke

design, engineering, construction

Copy of Nehemia Turban

Nehemia Turban

design, operations, media production

Philipp Eibach

design, storytelling, prototyping

Curious how we would tell the story of your brand or venue?

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