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9 billion moments

A clockwork, installed at the back of a sandstone, keeps incessantly digging its pointers into the volume. With each rotation a little more sand gets dissolved from the surface.
The present liberates the moments from the future, before they disappear irrevocably in the past.

The transparent housing reveals the functionality of the instrument. The clockwork and four springs are moveably mounted on guiding rails. The steady pressure pulls the pointers deeper and deeper into the stone. Passed moments drop out of the memory and vanish in the vastness of the floor.




0 million moments
With the putting into operation, the pointers start to incessantly ablate sand from the surface. No rotation resembles another.


4 billion moments
Spirally the pointers dig deeper into the stone. The dissolved sand corns deposit in the memory for a while, before some of them sink into full oblivion.


9 billion moments
After a period of seven years, the stone is fully pierced and the block can be replaced as a symbol for a new stage in life.

9 billion moments is a production ready concept.
Get in touch if you want this work ticking at your place.

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